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Our vision is to build a community of healthy and engaged MSA membership caring for patients and their families in order to provide the best possible health-care. Our mission is to continuously contribute to the wellness of our MSA membership by growing our physician voices, and supporting our membership to create a healthy happy workplace.

The objectives of the Medical Staff Association include:
  • the promotion and advancement of Member involvement in the provision of the organization’s medical services and to represent and advocate for the interests of the Medical Staff
  • receive information from the HAMAC, regional programs, the Board, the CEO, FHA or site senior management, the Program Medical Directors, the Regional Department Heads or others and disseminate this information to the Medical Staff and local community physicians
  • communicate all recommendations and matters of concern from the Medical Staff to the Program Medical Directors, the Regional Department Heads and/or the VP Medicine, HAMAC, the Presidents’ Council and the FHA senior management
  • represent the collective interests of Members
  • Hold Regular meetings of the Medical Staff Association at least two (2) times a Year, in addition to the Annual Meeting, keep minutes.
  • Generate an annual report
  • Prepare a financial statement of the Medical Staff Association funds for presentation to the annual meeting, and ensure that an audit of the Medical Staff Association funds is conducted annually
The responsibilities of members:
  • Active and Provisional Staff Members shall attend at least 50% of the general Medical Staff Association meetings in a calendar year.
  • Pay an annual membership fee each Year and which is a requirement in order to remain on the Medical Staff.
  • Participate in achieving our vision and mission

Meet Your MSA Executive Team

About Page
Dr. Raymond Dong

Raymond is a Cardiologist at SMH/ JPOCSC. He is also the Chair of the MSA President Council, and sits on the executive committee of Facilities Engagement. He has been practicing for over 30 years.

About Page
Vice President
Dr. Roop Kahlon

Dr Roopjeet Kahlon is a staff physician in the division of General Internal Medicine at SMH and a Clinical Instructor in the UBC division of Community Internal Medicine. Her primary areas of interest outside of patient care are quality improvement and clinical pharmacology. She is the physician lead for the medication reconciliation program, chair of the Surrey Memorial Hospital M&M rounds and the current vice president of the Medical Staff Association

Dr. Hnan Sharif
Dr. Joshua Song

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