High five your health care provider

A version of this article first posted on Fraser Health News. This week’s High Fives go out to our amazing people at Chilliwack General Hospital, Delta Hospital and Surrey Memorial Hospital. Want to send a high five to your health care provider or Fraser Health team member? Leave a comment below or email feedback@fraserhealth.ca. For Surrey […]

JPOCSC Opening Hematology Clinic

What’s Happening? The New General Hematology Clinic will begin seeing patients starting August 1st, 2019. Outpatient Hematology consultation will occur within FHA in the 3rd floor Hematology clinic at Jim Pattison. Hematology treatments will be provided in 1st Floor Medical Day Care. Partnership with BC Cancer – Surrey and Surrey Memorial Hospital. Patients with a […]

Thank You Thursday

The Thank You’s are shining bright at SMH and JPOCSC! Thank you to Jagpal Chahal, Nurse, Emergency Department, SMH! You showed all members of the CATZ working team the amount of respect and caring you have for your patients by going above and beyond your duties as a primary caregiver when a visiting patient to […]

Thank You Thursday

BIG Congrats and Thank you to Martha Cloutier, Director, Clinical Operations, SMH! Congratulations to Martha Cloutier for reaching a very special milestone, her 30th service anniversary with Fraser Health Authority. You have been such a significant part of the Surrey Memorial Hospital Team, together we take pride in your accomplishments. Our achievements are made possible […]