Surrey MSA Members working at SMH and JPOSCS may submit a project proposal that improves our workplace, patient care, or collaboration. We have established 4 intake cycles for project submission.

The Surrey MSA invites MSA Members to propose projects for Facility Engagement funding that comply with the FE Funding Guidelines and align with 1 or more of the Surrey MSA’s strategic goals:

  • Facilitate Covid-19 recovery and the return to normal for medical staff
  • Support medical staff initiatives that demonstrate collaboration with the FHA, sustainability, and return-on-investment
  • Adapt and meet the needs of medical staff through engagement, wellness, education, and professional growth
  • Revive and renew the SMH MSA organization

Our next Project Call-Out is November 15 – December 3 [More Info]

Applications will be reviewed four times per year during the following cycles:

  1. March-April- Projects start in April
  2. June-July – Projects start in July
  3. September-October – Projects Start October
  4. December -January – Projects Start January [On Now]

Additional Resources

  • For help creating a budget and/or project plan feel free to use the SMH Budget and Objectives builder (
  • If applicants require any assistance during the funding application process, the support team is available to provide assistance. Please contact them at