Have a Project in Mind? APPLY HERE.

Physicians working at SMH and JPOSCS may submit a project proposal that improves our workplace, patient care, or collaboration. We have established 4 intake cycles for project submission.

The Surrey Memorial MSA invites physicians to propose projects for Facility Engagement funding that

1. align with the strategic goals identified by the SMH Physician society:

    • Enhance the quality of care and delivery of the best medicine to patients at SMH (QI Sub-Committee)
    • Build a community of engaged Surrey partners in order to create a great place to work
      and receive care (Communication & Outreach Sub-Committee)
    • Improve collaboration between physicians and site operational partners (Governance Sub-Committee)
    • Build a community of healthy physicians (Wellness Sub-Committee)

2. and comply with the SSC funding guidelines

Applications will be reviewed four times per year during the following cycles:

  1. March-April, 2021 – Projects start in May
  2. June-July, 2021 – Projects start in Aug 
  3. September-October, 2021 – Projects Start Nov
  4. December 2021-January, 2022 – Projects Start Feb


Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Step 3: Once your submission is received, a staff member will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Step 4: A member of the working group may contact you or a representative of your project will be required to be available for questions.

Step 5: Once a decision has been made, the project manager will contact you to go over the results of your application, how to access your funds, reporting requirements, and additional support and resources available to you.

Additional Resources

  • For help creating a budget and/or project plan feel free to use the SMH Budget and Objectives builder (smhdrslounge.com/funding_resources)
  • If applicants require any assistance during the funding application process, the support team is available to provide assistance. Please contact them at engagement@smhdrslounge.com