Facility Engagement Funding Request

Facility Engagement is a provincial initiative that aims to strengthen relationships, engagement and communication between health authorities and facility-based physicians, to improve their work environment and the delivery of patient care with:

1. Improved opportunities for physicians and health authority leaders to work together to share knowledge and make informed decisions that can improve patient care, the physician experience, and the cost-effectiveness of the health care system.

2. Opportunities and support for physicians who work at facilities and are members of the medical staff to develop a meaningful voice, and increase involvement in local activities that affect their work and patient care.

3. Funding to support activities that involve physicians in decision-making, and:

    • Pay for physicians' time in activities.
    • Hire expertise to support the physician activities (e.g. a coordinator for administrative support; an analyst to track issues, develop business cases and manage projects; a physician lead to support engagement activities).

Funding Application Process

Phase 1

A. Review funding application package

B. Utilize online budget and workplan tools to prepare for project proposal submission

C. Submit project proposal

Phase 2

A. Your proposal will be reviewed by the working group at which your presence will be required to answer any questions they may have

B. A decision is made regarding your proposal

C. A Project Manager will contact to notify you of the groups the decision and next steps

Phase 3

A. If your application is approved

B. The Project Manager will to go over how you can access your funds, resources avaliable to your, and the reporting deadlines for your project

C. If your application is denied

D. You will have the opportunity to receive feedback from the committee and allow to resubmit your application

Funding Guidelines

SSC Funding Guidelines (Updated April 8, 2019)


  1. Quarterly Updates
  2. Registering for FEMS (Online fund management system)
  3. Submit a final report upcon complete of your project

Project Assessment

Funding Application