FTS Podcast is hosted by one of the few Surrey family doctors who still follows his patients from community to hospital, Dr. Lawrence Yang. Watch Lawrence interview your colleagues about their personal passions and their ideas on improving the quality of care delivery.  

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Christy Boyce & Dr McNamara have been working in healthcare for multiple decades. Christy started as a respiratory therapist and has transitioned into innovation and leadership roles. Dr McNamara is a respirologist and Royal Roads trained Physician Coach with extensive experience in Fraserhealth leadership roles. Both these leaders are exceptionally attuned to the challenges of working as a health professional. Join them in an exploration of “Health Systems’ Trauma” and the leading changes ideas for opportunities to improve health systems.

00:00:00:00 – Introducing Christy Boyce, and Dr. Anne McNamara. 00:11:07:04 – Health systems’ trauma 00:13:06:02 – Why might we choose healthcare leadership 00:14:21:20 – The critical role of leadership in teams 00:15:58:06 – Developing self-awareness 00:19:59:16 – our childhood experiences, self-worth, sharing learning 00:24:21:04 – healthcare education, ideal online learning 00:28:40:13 – Patient care in the home & smoking cessation. 00:31:34:07 – Atomic Habits by James Clear, habit stacking, and Dr. McNamara’s experience coaching 00:38:31:13 – quiet time, developing a clear sense of your purpose. 00:42:46:03 – Institute of Healthcare Improvement, intentional reflection time. 00:44:20:23 – Schwartz Rounds for Compassionate Care 00:47:45:16 – Empathy mapping, experience cubes, and deconstructing what is needed regarding design. 00:55:01:00 – being a compassionate colleague, and Dr Brené Brown 01:05:55:01 – Chaotic virtual care and “plus delta charts” 01:08:29:09 – Clarifying expectations on safe environments, Christy’s thesis, and psychological safety 01:15:36:16 – vulnerability in code blues, making invisible gaps visible 01:19:39:06 – Moral distress, the consequences of self-criticism, Dr. McNamara’s Zoom coaching and facilitating. 01:33:20:15 – The importance of community, accidental Zoom moments

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FTS with Dr. McDermid – Timestamps (0:00) – Introducing Dr. Rob McDermid. (1:35) – physician leadership (5:01) – quantitative, qualitative, & narrative data. (7:46) – quantitative metrics, and stories (8:59) – The Pareto principle. (10:21) – Opportunities with data science. (13:42) – Perfectionism within clinical culture (19:32) – systems’ perspectives, processes, and creativity. (24:06) – Creating safe spaces & facilitating leaders to share their insights (29:29) – creating “space” to make tough decisions. (34:00) – finding your ‘why’. (38:10) – Opportunities Dr. McDermid sees for Surrey Memorial Hospital, and team-building. (48:17) – Financial aspects of health, and confronting the discomfort in talking about this. (54:34) – How Dr. McDermid embraces complexity and acknowledges multiple truths. (1:05:27) – Moral imperatives, doing the right thing, and making changes. (1:13:09) – Mindfulness training in medical leadership. (1:23:13) – The King’s Fund, compassionate leadership (1:38:03) – data science and community and primary care partners. (1:51:52) – Self-healing communities, and understanding the link between psychological trauma and metabolic disease. (1:57:46) – clinical teaching. (2:07:52) – mentorship. (2:13:21) – reading. (2:16:30) – ‘The Rise of Superman’ and “flow states”. (2:24:04) – COVID, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and the Sauder School of Business. (2:31:45) – data visualisation and the hospital