The Thank You’s are shining bright at SMH and JPOCSC!

Thank you to Jagpal Chahal, Nurse, Emergency Department, SMH!

Thank You Thursday July 4

You showed all members of the CATZ working team the amount of respect and caring you have for your patients by going above and beyond your duties as a primary caregiver when a visiting patient to Canada was very ill in CATZ and you took the tim

e to help wash the young patient including his shoes by hand after he had vomited. You were respectful and provided compassionate care to someone who was unfamiliar to our Canadian health care system. You constantly show integrity and clinical excellence in the health care setting and we want to thank him for all of his hard work!

Caring, Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Clinical Excellence
From: Kat (SW), Marsha (RN), Alysha (SSA), Alysha (RN), Vincent (RN), LIZ (PCC)

Heartfelt Thank You to Lori Hay, Clinical Practice Lead, Newton Primary Care!

You have been a pillar of support throughout our transition into new roles in the Primary Care Model.
You epitomise clinical excellence, respect and team work at workplace. We admire you for your ongoing coaching, open communication, and compassion towards clients.
Thank You Lori!!!!

Clinical Excellence, Respect, Team work, Open Communications
From all LPNs at Newton Office

Thank you to Laarni Tugay, Rehab Assistant, SMH!

For having the following values:
Accountability, Authenticity, Caring, Clinical Excellence, Coaching/Mentoring, Compassion, Continuous Improvement, Creativity, Employee Safety, Integrity, Open Communication, Respect, Teamwork
From Carl Schnee, Rehab Assistant

A Warm hearty thanks to our very own quintessential nurse and co-worker Kamal Sandhu, SMH!

It’s sad to see you go to Home Health. You are a kindhearted, nurturing, caring, hardworking and dependable nurse whose nursing qualities and skills will be missed sorely. You were a huge asset to the FBU team.

Caring, Compassionate, Kindhearted
From Ruby Kusi on behalf of the FBU team

Thank you to Kaitlin Sandberg in Occupational Therapy, SMH!

You have worked tirelessly to get the OT wheelchair cushion inventory in shape.
Your hard work, respectful nature and dedication are much appreciated.

Teamwork, Respect, Integrity
From the OT leadership team at SMH

Thank you to all the staff of N53, SMH!

I filled in as the charge nurse while our regular PCC was on vacation and I wouldn’t have survived the month without the help of everyone on the unit. I am so lucky to work with such an amazing team, from the nurses, the allied health team, my educator and my supervisors; everyone has been supportive and helpful! Thank you N53 team, you guys are awesome!

Open Communication, Teamwork, Coaching/Mentoring, Respect
From Cerina Castillo, Nurse.

Thank you to Oscar Sawicki, Maintenance, SMH!

You made a lot of staff very happy. We would also like to thank maintenance for their help in fixing the air conditioning!

Caring, Teamwork, Respect
From In-Hospital Replenishment

Heartfelt thank you to Jacqui Slade, Interim CNE for Cardiology, SMH!

Thank you for your hard work with us all on the 4th floor (North tower). We appreciate your enthusiasm and for always going above and beyond. All the best to you in your new position!

Accountability, Caring, Clinical Excellence, Coaching/Mentoring, Employee Safety, Integrity, Respect and Teamwork
From the Cardiology and Internal Medicine Teams.

Thank you to the team that worked June 16th night shift on ATU2, Timber Creek!

Many thanks to my team when we had a Code Blue. Due to our team work and professionalism we saved a life! Also thank you for your support after! Thank you Jana, Tanya and Elena!

Caring, Teamwork, Respect
From Oksana Yatsyk

Patient Letters:

Thank you to Neurology team, Dr St John, the physio and OT staff, the nurses and other support staff, SMH!

I had worked for many years as a staff member (in CPD), and then upon my retirement as a spiritual care volunteer, at Surrey Memorial Hospital.
This past month, as a result of a car accident, I have and continue to experience first-hand the excellent service that is provided here. The entire neurology team (Dr St John), the physio and OT staff, the nurses and the other support staff have been exceptional.

I would like to bring this, as a marker of service excellence, to your attention and recognize and thank everyone.

Caring, Compassions, Clinical Excellence
From KD

Thank You Thursday is sent on behalf of your Senior Leaders: Cathie, Michele, Rob, Martha, Lorraine, Shelley, Sharan, Laurie, Christine, Leane, Meryl, Sandra, and Min

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